7/52 hello, according to my phone

hello march. according to my phone.
i'm NOT late. this March.

1. prof Z tired from all the studying 2. mr peter parker not in the good mood
3. my woody oh my man  4. overtime with baby donuts
5. mr green mike but still love my green alien 6. togi date with mami
7. overtime with krispy kreme  8. sauce with applecider
9. ticket collector movie lover

there's a kid in me.
the world is scaring that kid.
be strong. be brave.

hiccups. toothless. itchy armpit.
makes me smile.

6/52 hello, according to my phone

hello febraury. according to my phone.
i'm late. again. it's already march.

1. play. moon-walking  2. alien. friends never judge  
3. read. instructions for a heatwave  4. high-land watermelon
5. valentine. love in the air  6. lotso. latch-key kids
7. sunset. miss home  8. brother. santa post office
9. mi date. four-tiered carrot cake.

my new boss. third boss. a man.
says i'm fearless. looks fearless.
good at covering my fear.
is it a compliment?
guess so.
but can't he sees.
shivering like crazy.

hard time.
work. study. life.
where's the love?
not a bad thing.

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

belong to the Sparta Team.
King Leonidas. Queen Gorgo.


Greek. Egyptian. Roman. Germanic. Celtic.
always imagine me. being a Greek. or a Roman
love their costumes.
based on my toes.
am a Egyptian.

let's go Egypt soon.
can visit Rome too?
how about Greece?

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